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# Video

Everything you need to know about snack content videos: definition and tips

Are you looking to create snack content video for your social media platforms? Keep in mind that you’ll only have 8 seconds to convince your audience. Yes, 8 seconds is the average attention span of internet users, a result of the scrolling behavior on social media. So, it’s important to know how to create short […]

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# Video

Marketing video : 5 good reasons to incorparte it to your content strategy

If there is one essential format to integrate into your content strategy, it’s the video format. Marketing video has become indispensable for gaining visibility and promoting your products and services. And for good reason, video accounts for over 82% of global internet traffic in 2022!

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# Case study

How did we produce over 30 videos in-house for Krauthammer?

Krauthammer is a publisher of professional training programs dedicated to the development of commercial, managerial, and leadership skills. Each year, Krauthammer trains over 20,000 people worldwide in a dozen languages.

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