Everything you need to know about snack content videos: definition and tips

8 August 2023


Are you looking to create snack content video for your social media platforms?

Keep in mind that you’ll only have 8 seconds to convince your audience. Yes, 8 seconds is the average attention span of internet users, a result of the scrolling behavior on social media.

So, it’s important to know how to create short and effective snack content videos.

We’re telling you everything you need to know about snack content videos!

What is Snack Content?

The term “snack content” refers to short and easily consumable content. Derived from the word “snack” in English, snack content is designed to feed social media platforms and is crafted to be easily and quickly consumed like a snack.

Highly popular on social media, the aim of snack content is to capture users’ attention through short, attractive, and entertaining content that generates engagement.

Snack content comes in various forms: images, GIFs, memes, inspirational quotes, and, of course, the star of snack content, videos!

Why Use Snack Content Videos?

Over the past few years, there has been a decline in user concentration. This poses a challenge for businesses and brands as it becomes increasingly difficult to leave a lasting impression.

Snack content is the solution to leverage this decline in attention span with a short and engaging format. And the most utilized medium for this purpose is (no surprise here): videos!

Snack content videos play a role in your content strategy; they’re the fuel of your social media platforms.

3 Reasons to Create Snack Content Videos

If you haven’t yet ventured into creating snack content videos, here are three good reasons to start integrating them into your marketing content strategy..

1. Adapt to New Consumer Habits

Users are consuming more content on mobile devices, on the go, and within limited time frames.

Snack content videos cater to these new viewing habits, as they are short and can be easily consumed during a break or while commuting.

2. Cost-Effective Brand Awareness

To increase brand awareness, you need to make a name for yourself on social media.

As algorithms reward content with high engagement (likes, comments, reactions, shares), snack content videos emerge as the ideal format to capture users’ attention and potentially go viral, all without requiring massive budgets.

3. Time-Saving Production

Snack content videos require condensing the core message into a few seconds. Compared to longer videos, creating snack content videos is less time-consuming in terms of production and post-production, while still delivering quality and aesthetics.

How to create Snack Content Videos?

Succeeding with snack content videos relies on several best practices.

Adapt Video Content to the Platform

Think “mobile first”! Choose the format based on the platform, and don’t hesitate to adapt your content into multiple formats for different platforms: 9:16, 1:1, 16:9, 4:3.

60 Seconds, No More!

Opt for a short format, ideally between 20 and 60 seconds! The message should be concise and relevant to immediately capture the user’s attention.

Publish High-Quality Content

Just because snack content videos are short doesn’t mean you should neglect quality. Focus on aesthetics and message! A visually appealing image contributes to making an impression and retaining your audience’s attention.

Include Subtitles (It’s a Must!)

The majority of content is viewed on mobile phones without sound. To ensure your message isn’t lost and is effectively conveyed, incorporate subtitles.

Add a Call to Action

Snack content videos can serve as teasers for more detailed and extensive content. Including a call-to-action is an effective inbound marketing strategy.

Engage Video Experts

As mentioned before, the key is to produce quality content. If you lack internal resources, consider outsourcing production by collaborating with video experts.

Snack Content Video Exemples

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