Case study

How did we produce over 30 videos in-house for Krauthammer?

10 March 2023


The context

Krauthammer is a publisher of professional training programs dedicated to the development of commercial, managerial, and leadership skills. Each year, Krauthammer trains over 20,000 people worldwide in a dozen languages.

As part of the enhancement of 14 of their training modules, Krauthammer approached our agency to support them in producting over 30 videos.

The brief

The objective of the project was to enhance existing programs with new content video. Krauthammer was looking for an agency able to support them in the production of various video formats to be integrated into their modules, including:

  • 12 introduction videos
  • 7 videos to illustrate the “good ways” and “bad ways” of approaching certain situations in the workplace
  • 10 motion design videos to explain key concepts related to management, change management, and leadership
  • 7 interactive role-play games to simulate work situations and enable learners to be actively involved

The production

La petite production’s team worked in-house on multiple fronts simultaneously in order to deliver over 30 videos within the given deadlines.

The production team was in charge of booking a green screen studio and various shooting locations, organizing English-speaking actors casting, hiring the technical team, and coordonating everything during the 4-day shoot in Paris.

During the shoot, the director opted for a multi-camera recording to vary the angles and bring dynamism to the interactions between the actors.

The graphic designers worked on a sleek and elegant visual design.

Based on the scripts, the creative teams brainstormed ideas to illustrate management concepts, which can sometimes be challenging, while keeping them as engaging and understanding as possible.

The graphic designers worked on both a sleek and elegant visual design for the introduction videos shot on a green screen, and on a colorful, modern, and playful graphic concept that includes universal and highly expressive characters for the motion design videos.

The post-production

In post-production, the motion designers took turns to animate each of the 10 videos (totaling over 25 minutes!) while the editors assembled the footage to create all the videos.

After several rounds of feedback and adjustments with the client, the videos were finalized: color grading, graphic design elements, voice-over, sound design, and sound mixing!

In short!

  • 4 days of shooting in a studio
  • 37 videos
  • A successful team effort fully produced in-house
  • A highly satisfied client who continuously praised our teams!