Motion design

We are experts in motion design.
Our illustrators and motion designers use their technical and artistic know-how
to translate your message into an original and creative video.

  • Script & storyboard
  • 2D & 3D animation
  • Art direction & graphic design
  • Voice over & sound design

What is
motion design?

Motion design is the art of animating graphic elements: images, illustrations, pictograms and typography.

It is used to animate text, to make dynamic transitions, to illustrate concepts, and to bring the graphic elements to life… in other words, to boost all your videos!

Both informative and graphic, the motion design allows to address all the themes, to popularize complex information in dynamic content, and to promote products and services.


The advantages
of a motion design video

Graphic possibilities and animation techniques are endless! Collage, character design, flat design, 2D and 3D animation, stop motion… Whether it is to reflect your graphic identity or to imagine a new universe, there are as many styles as there are motion designers.

Beyond being very graphic, a motion design video is easy to produce. It can be made remotely and can be created from scratch.

A motion design video is ideal for capturing the attention of your audience. Through animated images, a motion design video has a strong and memorable visual impact and allows a clear reading of your message.


Motion design,
a custom made support


The project manager determines with you the project challenges and collects all the information needed to write the script.


The graphic designer works on the artistic direction based on your graphic charter. It allows to visually transcribe the script and give a concrete idea of the graphic rendering.


Once the storyboard has been validated, the motion designer brings the storyboard to life and give movement to all the graphic elements.


To set the tone to your video, we work with voice-over actors. We select male, female, serious, playful or inspiring voices depending on your video.

Music & sound design

The music and sound design bring a lot of dynamism and give a true-to-life effect to your video. They are added to complete the sound universe.

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