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Enhance your employer brand, attract and retain talent

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Are you recruiting and need to attract new talents? Want to boost your employer brand with engaging content? To promote jobs within your company?


Video is a must-have for your employer brand

Communicating about your employer brand is a matter of reputation for companies aiming to succeed in their recruitments. Indeed, it is the brand image projected to employees and future talents.

Video is an excellent tool with a high potential to develop your employer brand, recruit new candidates, and retain talent.

By addressing young graduates, employees, and more broadly, clients and partners, the employer brand video contributes to promote the company culture.

the employer brand video contributes
to promote the company culture.

Increase attractiveness
and attract new talents

Companies reputation is becoming a selection criterion for candidates. In this context video appears to be the most engaging medium for companies looking to stand out.

Employer brand video contributes to your storytelling. It is an opportunity to tell the story of your company and your employees, to share more about yourselves, and to highlight other topics that are important to you, such as CSR.

With an employer brand video, you play the card of innovation and modernity. Widely broadcasting on social media, employer brand video enables companies to optimize their digital presence and attract the best candidates.

your employees

Your employees are the best ambassadors of your company. Through their testimonials, it’s an opportunity to highlight them and value their expertise.

They naturally convey the company culture and provide a glimpse of the work environment and atmosphere, which could convince new candidates to join you.


Original video formats

The unconventional collaborator interview video

By asking more or less unconventional questions, you highlight the values of the company. This short format reinforces the sense of belonging among your collaborators and show a pleasant work atmosphere.

Immersed in your company

To make your company attractive, show your premises behind-the-scenes and highlight your collaborators work in their daily lives. Guaranteed effect to stand out and make talents want to join you.

The job portrait

This format highlights the know-how and daily life of your collaborators’ jobs. It’s an excellent format for highlighting your collaborators and conveying an authentic brand image.

The recruitment video

Sharing job offers through video gives the company a modern and innovative image. This format allows you to delve into the details of the job offer and target the right candidates!

our work


BATEG – Film corporate

Film d’entreprise


BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION – Laisser son empreinte

Vidéo marque employeur


BOUYGUES CONSTRUCTION – Portrait d’alternant

Vidéo de recrutement